2005-02-12Rust near front of spring hangerWaterRemove springs, carpets, clean down floor1075200.00
2004-09-27MOT TimeIts the Law!MOTFailed, sping hanger bush, low headlamp, iffy drum brake... not too bad10752031.00
2004-09-25Lights outLoose WiringFixed headlamp and sidelights1075130.00
2004-09-23Driver seat looseSlides come adriftRemove, grease and re-fitGrease1075130.00
2004-09-22No indicators/Rev Counter/Fuel Guage/Wipers1 Single loose wireReseated in poxy lucas conector1075130.00
2004-09-20Wont startDead Battery, wont hold chargeFit New batteryNew Battery10751322.00
2004-09-18Car not driven for 2 yearsim lazyPut it all back together, got it running and took a spin up and down the road!!!!!!! Yayayaya!Loads1075130.00
2003-11-10Rebuild Front SuspensionPassanger side king pin rusted into stub axelFitted new stub axel assemblyStub Axel assembly (Exchange unit)10751244.38
2003-10-14Rebuild front suspension driver sideBushes x 8, Cotter Pin, Grease Nipple, Grease plug + Sundry nuts10751217.00
2003-10-14Rebuild front suspension2 x Fulcrum Pin10751219.86
2003-10-14Rebuild front suspensionGrease nipple missing + long overdueNew lower wishbones cause old ones rusted to pin2x Lower Wishbone Pan10751262.11
2003-08-13Sealey 3/8th Drive Torque wrench to 80lbs10751224.50
2003-08-13Sealey Wall Drive Socket Set 3/8th Drive10751249.50
2003-08-13Garage roof leeking on car!Dodgy feltRip up roof, replace (with help cheers dan!)Roof board, Felt, Tar cost about £100 not really car stuff though.1075120.00
2003-01-23Grease Gun10751220.99
2002-11-13Mega heavy steeringRusty bitsRemove clean rack. Replace Track Rod Ends.2 x Track Rod end10751219.86
2002-08-10Blowing smoke after being at high loadCrank breather blockedClean out hoses and breather valve - didnt fix it ;o(1074100.00
2002-07-01Bonnet catch stuckMankyDismantled, cleaned, painted and reattatchedBlack Hamerite1075120.00
2002-05-05Plugs fouledRunning rich / air filter blockedRemove pankcakes, clean - repaint, clean filter spongePaint1073860.00
2002-05-05Only firing on 3 cylindersFaulty Spark Plug on 4Replace Plugs4 x NGK plugs10738611.98
2002-05-05Bonnet scrapes paint off bulk head when openedFibreglass bonnet saginig in midleAdded spacers between hinges, brought bonnet forwardsBut of old hardboard1073860.00
2002-04-27Clutch plates stuck togetherLeft in a damp garage and semi exposed to the elementsJack rear of car up, run engine for 5 mins till warm, put in gear, get to 60mph in air, yank on handbreak1073820.00