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clockB.zip2019-03- .NETA big text clock. Fixed save settings, added font offset372
pingB.zip2018-09-301.0.0.8Windows .NETPing graphing/loging tool - Check for updates, turned list upside down606
monitorMuppet.zip2017-12- .NETShove Apps/Windows to any position you like across multiple monitors, handy if you cannot see one of your displays361
boxrunner.zip2011-04- .NETDosBox Front end Compatilble v0.742518
Neuro.zip2007-09-120.9.2windowsECU Editor, Comes with CA18 and SR20 address files. Basic VEMS WB02 Support3020
romcompare.zip2007-09-120.0.7windowsCompare pairs CA18DET or SR20DET roms. Now uses address files, so you can use with any rom3045
sxocss.zip2006-10-190.0.2windowsSXOC Screen save, pulls Bulletin Board topics2800
rat.zip2004-10-220.0.8windowsLive For Speed (R)AF (A)nalysis (T)ool - BETA - Mouse Control / Wireframe see forums for help3648
bip3d.zip2004-04-080.0.6windows3D Version of my Biplanes clone: Refined gameplay, plumeting and more5470
filemaid.zip2004-04-011.3.02k/xpProgram for filing downloaded/new files. monitors some directories and shifts files to other specified directoires by file extension. Fixed stuff + added %complete on big files4268
aaVCR.zip2004-03-131.1.0windowsAir Attack Replay Utility - v1.1.0 Now supports Blazing Skies 1.5 aswell4487
bip.tar.gz2003-02-020.1.2linuxBIP - Linux port of (binary only) Compiled under mandrake 9 i5863202
bip.zip2003-01-140.1.2windowsRemake of the classic Amiga Game BIP or Biplanes. NEW VERSION contains BETA Network server! 5403
dezilch.zip2002-11-260.0.3windowsRemoves 128k chunks from binary files, where all 128k is zero's - 0.0.3 (speed improvements, bug fixes)4088
viper2k.zip2002-10-191.0.0windowsViper Racing Win2k/XP patch3777
eaw2k_110.zip2002-09-231.1.0windowsEuropean Air War Win2k/XP Patch - upgrade to v1.2 first!7405
phone2.zip2000-07-031.0.1windowsWindows Version of phone.zip4096
ar2psemu.zip1998-11-201.0.0dosconverts PSX Action Replay codes for use with PSEmu3117
windoze.zip1998-10-211psonePSOne Demo - Just messing about learning to code the PSOne, INCOMPLETE4066
bin2c.zip1998-10-2016.12.26dosConvert binary data to c source code. Revised 26/12/164246
winenc.zip1997-12-260.0.1windowsSimple encryption program written to learn MS Visual C4110
daguru.zip1997-06-241.01dosDOS version of the Amiga's Directory Opus - INCOMPLETE4721
phone.zip1997-06-111.1.8dosProgram to moitor the serial output of a London 16 ( i think ) Telephone System3031
sbut.zip1997-05-121.0.0windows 95randomly changes the start button text in win95 ( get source too as there is no readme )4050
win96.zip1996-10-221.05amigaWindows 95 style task bar4479
textrip.zip1996-10-171.01adosProgram to rip legible text from binary files4184
gob.zip1996-02-071.01amigaAddress Book thingy4123
win.zip1996-02-032.1amigawhats it need? program to determine what libs, devs fonts etc... any exe needs to run, a dependancy checker. this was originally shareware, so if you feel generous... contact me ;o)4017
ufoed.zip1995-07-011.0amigaUFO Enemy Unknown Save Game Editor4525
ascdraw.zip1995-05-021.01dosASCII Drawing program4247
sce2_nvx.lha1995-01-012.0amigaSkidmarks car editor4140